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Welp Hussie did not update homestuck (but its cool he seems to have a lot on his plate I know how it is) HOWEVER we did get a new comic :D that's some exciting mushrooms right there (yes I said mushrooms... I'm feeling random, have fun deciphering this post)
If anybody who actually reads this is interested heres the link to Paradox Space I've already got it set up on the 1st page.…

WARNING!: If you have not read homestuck, or are not part way through act 5 I would suggest not reading this. For those who are like "Fudge you, I do what I want" and never intend to read homestuck anyways, trust me you're going to be majorly confused as to everything. Especially with the 2nd comic HAVE FUN WITH THAT ONE. For those who aren't quite there yet (As I already explained above) there isn't to many big omg events that they've talked about that will ruin the comic but if your reading this at some other point in time whether it be past you, present you, or future you I wouldn't risk it.

ANYWAYS wow I wish I could talk like this in more of my posts, I quite like this style of talking BUT you know I'm very "I do what I want based on whatever I'm feeling" so if I'm happy, you'll know it.. If I'm sad you'll defiantly know it. Most times however I go for the sweet innocent act. Although I guess its not an act if its actually my go to attitude. BUT WHATEVES.

ANYWAYS (x2) Just wanted to say that I am actually working on stuff. I know its like I don't do anything (cause really I don't I spend so much time wallowing in the fact that I have so much to do that I don't actually do any of it) But mushrooms are getting done (not literally take into reference the use above)

To any of y'all out there that haven't read Homestuck or have no idea what I've been talking about for basically most of this post than I suggest you check it out. I warn though its random, its stupid, its a little boring through the 1st act (but it gets exceptionally better) and above all it is a little gory. You know about as gory as cute mspaint created people can get (which is actually a bit) but since not all blood is red it takes the cringe away a bit and you forget and literally just get use to it. 

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Ahem... Well I do believe to truly understand ones self and their work it is best to know some things about the person

1. I play hockey... enough said
2. I love Photography but more so objects/macro not really people (to much movement)
3. I enjoy any good laugh so bear with me on whatever cheesy jokes I throw at you.
4. I. Love. My. Hamster. (Even If she does think my finger is a treat)
5. I am a VERY busy person. I love it, yet hate it (Its a complicated relationship)


..........Always Remember: Randomness = Awesomeness = Peanut Butter ..........

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Thank You for the watch :)
no problem ^_^
Nexu4 Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hellu! Thank you so much for the watch!!! It means a lot to me!! :glomp:
No problem! I love your drawing style I tried to do a similar style once but It didn't work out quite as well for me :P

Oh thank you, I'm so glad you like it!!

ah, did you? is it here on DA? :) tell you the truth I'm still struggling quite a bit with it, and I'm  always desperately trying to reach *my* style...XD But it really took me a lot of time to even get to this point, so don't give up! :dummy: Good luck!

:) thanks! and yes it is on DA its in my Macbeth folder :P its not very good.
(1 Reply)
Aline-x Sep 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hii! Thanks for fav!! +fav :Portal: 
No Problem ^_^ I love your Portal smiley  face :O Its so epic!
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